Staff Bios



  • Karen Sitton-Saxberg - cosmetologist

    With 44 years as a licensed technician, Karen began her career at Urbanbliss Luxury Salon in 2014.... (read more)

  • Sandi Wodarczak, cosmetologistSandi Wodarczak - cosmetologist

    With 5 years as a licensed technician, Sandi has worked at Urbanbliss Luxury Salon since June of... (read more)

  • Wanda Stenkamp, Owner/CosmetologistWanda Stenkamp - Owner/Cosmetologist

    As owner of Urbanbliss Luxury Salon, Wanda is here to make sure that everything about your visit is... (read more)

Salon Hours

Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 5pm
Thursday12pm - 8pm
Friday9:30am - 2pm
Saturday9am - 4pm