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Sports Manicure - Our Basic maintenance Manicure -  Includes soak, clip & file, cuticle care, massage & polish. Recommended every 4-6 weeks 30 min.   $35

Sports Pedicure - Our Basic Maintenance Pedicure - Includes hot rock foot soak, clip & file, cuticle care, manual heel exfoliation, massage & polish.   Recommended every 4-6 weeks 45 min.   $46

Spa Manicure - Done "Spa Style" this Manicure includes all the above, and ADDS (from elbow down)  a moisturizing exfoliator, a luminating masque with hot towel wrap, massage & polish. 45 min.  $46

Spa Pedicure - Done "Spa Style" this Pedicure includes all the steps listed in the "sports pedicure" and ADDS (from the knees down)  our Lavender house made sugar scrub, White Clay hydrating Masque with hot lavender towel wrap, and is followed with massage and polish. Approx. 1.5 hrs   $60


We also offer the following combos:

Sports Mani/Pedi combo - $72

Spa Mani/Pedi combo - $90



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Crisp cold mornings, fog in the air, a fire in the fireplace, & snuggling in warm blankets, just a few of the things to love about WINTER! At Urbanbliss we have an AMAZING pedicure to pamper your PINKIES! 

Using scents and flavors from Oregon, this amazing pedicure has hints of apple and cinnamon & caramel.  Prepared “spa style”, you will enjoy our custom Caramel Apple Cinnamon sugar scrub, hydrating mask with hot towel wrap, full nail maintenance, relaxing foot and leg massage, and sip on a hot spiced caramel apple cider, done spiked or NOT!  

Come and bring a friend! 


Available Oct - Dec  2017 - $75


(see our "Whats New" page for a full description of this pedicure)



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